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YAP'17 (Young Artists Project)


YAP'17_Young Artists Project 2017

a r e v o l u t i o n f r o m m y b e d


Daegu EXCO 1F, South Korea

Euncheol Choi

Sugar city

Sugar city is space installation work to be completed by fitting into concepts and scale of the exhibition hall. Today, some countries have implemented Sugar Tax since sugar is one of main causes to raising the incidence rate of various kinds of diseases including diabetes and obesity. I have observed social class and the polarization caused by the tax and applied it to my work whose keyword is ‘city’ seen from a distance, it looks like a map with square shape pieces standing in a line just like appearing in a game.

However, taking a close look at it, thousands of sugar cubes are standing in different heights and rows. In ‘Sugar city‘, two views are considered important. From the general eye level, it is a city made of sugar but from a bird‘s eye view of the city, it seems to have spilt or dry land in it. Whenever preparing for an exhibition.

I first consider diversity of perspectives in space and model it through computer before working on the installation. Sugar has been regarded as pixel to me because it seems solid but can easily be broken and disappears right after it is touched with liquid. The city built by humans and buildings standing closely together inside the city looks strong and firm from the outside. However, society should not disregard numerous concerns in the city which can easily collapse or be destroyed such as sinkhole or several natural disasters, but deal with them in a more decent way. This very charming attraction the modern city has might disappear in a moment just like a mirage.

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