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Kunst am Dienstag

Contemporary Artists’ Cooperative. We are an international artist group for press and publication work.


Showroom_Kunst am Dienstag in S.Y..A.L.A.NTENHEIM, Bonn, Germany

Kunst am Dienstag (Art on Tuesday) is a Korean - German association of three friendly artists who have been linked since their studies:

Euncheol Choi, Lukas Thein and Mihyun Jeon. "Art on Tuesday" is an exemplary day of collaboration for various international publications, exhibitions and risographies of the artist's collective. These are jointly developed projects that have their purpose in international exhibitions and publications.
Risographie and art books as well as other works and risographies from the cooperation with Lukas Thein (takeover-zone) were shown for the exhibition and the topic of risographie was explored and deepened in various visualizations and printing experiments. 
Risographie fascinates us as a technology because of its artistic and creative possibilities. These prints are best compared to "digital screen printing". They are printed on uncoated paper with colored inks, so-called "Risoinks", which are based on pigments and soybean oil. Prints are color-separated using master transparencies. Handling these color separation masters and simulating printing on a computer requires a lot of experience in addition to experimentation. The color appearance of individual color tones is created by overlaying or overprinting translucent colors.


For the exhibition in the "Showroom Kunst am Dienstag" numerous new prints with different processing procedures,
Color combinations, formats and paper properties tested and implemented as a print edition. So color-separated processing of photography, processing of watercolor, different raster Layer and printing thicknesses. In addition, prints on colored paper with shiny metallic inks as well as experiments with processing that create a high degree of three-dimensionality.


The installation in the exhibition room was unfortunately not accessible here either, but it was clearly visible from the street. Lighting from several lamps also enabled nighttime viewing. The design of the windows with adhesive lettering and the work set up directly in the window, alternating weekly, enabled a closer look at the work at eye level and from a short distance. Behind it was a room in the room that served as a show display. The prints were presented here in three exhibition sections together with Lukas Thein. The view through the window and the stage-like structure of the room in the room as well as complementary three-dimensional objects made the installation an interesting spatial impression.

The work was shown on various social media channels (instagram@ kunstamdienstag @takeoverzone).



Through the “Kunst am Dienstag” showroom project, I was able to deepen my knowledge and skills relating to risography technology. At the same time, I was able to gain new approaches for further work here.


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